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Invent 2017 — an intra-company hackathon

Sruthi Chandrasekar


On 13 October 2017, we kicked off our first ever three-day hackathon — Invent.

This non-stop, 48-hour Hackathon began with thirty one of our associates pitching their ideas to a panel of entrepreneurs. The panel chose four of the best ideas. Before the weekend was done, each team had to present a working prototype of the idea that was developed right here. The winning team would be provided with all the marketing support and mentoring that would be required to take the idea to the market.

Once the ideas were shortlisted, the associates got to choose which of them they would like to build on and form teams of three to eight people.

Why the Invent hackathon?

At Influx, we consider it vital to encourage cross-functional interaction and get everyone together to bond as a team. I am not even going to get into why we decided on calling our hackathon Invent because

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Decoding Performance Marketing

 Krishna Kidao

Having spent a considerable period of my career in mobile marketing and performance marketing, I wanted to pen my thoughts on their essential elements for a layman to understand what it is and why there is a buzz around it.

What is Performance Marketing?

Differing from the traditional way of advertising, where spends are made upfront and do not rely upon the ad’s success, performance marketing is a boon because the brand pays only for every successful conversion that is tracked. Brands have tilted towards performance marketing which has disrupted the traditional value-proposition of advertising and now allows for real-time monitoring of ROI by tracking every single dollar spent.

The Parties Involved

Advertiser: Quite self explanatory, this is the brand/client who will spend money on a campaign and want conversions in order to increase and measure ROI.


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Vaidehi Mehta

This is a spur of the moment post in reaction to the viral hashtag #metoo. Influx pledges its solidarity with #metoo, and its support to anyone subjected to sexual harassment, be it physical or verbal.

“Me too… If all the women who have been sexually harassed or assaulted wrote ‘Me too’ as a status, we might give people a sense of the magnitude of the problem. Please copy/paste.”

The allegations of sexual harassment against 65-year old Hollywood film producer, Harvey Weinstein, have spawned the #MeToo hashtag that is going viral with thousands of women across the globe taking to Facebook and Twitter and copy-pasting the call-out above.

Too, many thousands of women have been responding and recounting personal experiences of harassment. The call for solidarity has undoubtedly resonated with women — and many, many right thinking men — who have shed their qualms about

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Instagram Advertising - A Slippery Slope

Aditya Kumar

  (Image Source:

Five years ago, Facebook pages were judged by the number of followers they had. You could happily sign sponsorship deals based on your thousands (or millions) of followers, irrespective of how many shady-looking Russian women were following your business page or your personal profile.

Any page post would be distributed to every single profile, guaranteeing you thousands of eyeballs. Which made page-engagement fantastic, until Facebook decided to restrict the number of your followers who would see your posts — down to a single digit percentage. So engagement dwindled, small businesses suffered, and the larger ones needed to account for a FaceBook engagement budget. But the ever-present Boost Post was an easy way to make sure your own fans would get to see your content.

Engaging content is

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Decision-making: The 4 Es Process

Daniel Anandaraj Garnipudi

Over the past few years, a lot of people have been asking me (yes, me, of all people) for advice. General advice on what to do with their careers, their education and, sometimes, even their motorcycles! A lot of these conversations are centred around how to make a decision.

I usually start off by telling them that these views are my own and based on pure common sense. Yes, my experience, my method of handling things, my (in)sanity has always helped in providing some sort of advice. And as a great man once said, “Advice is free, whether you take it or not is entirely up to you.”

Having said that, as Influx expands on its thought leadership strategy, where we maintain an active blog and encourage all our associates to write about what they are truly passionate about – be it work, perspective, or anything that piques their curiosity — we encourage each other

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Content Writing, Content Marketing, and Content Strategy

Print or digital, website or blog, newsletter or email, caption or banner, audio or video — whatever it contains is content and Content, they say, is King. Whether that is a truism or debatable is a different matter — and perhaps the subject of another blog.

pasted image 0.png

(Image Courtesy:

Now, here is a question about three aspects of content — strategy, production, and marketing:

Is a Content Strategist a Content Writer and/or a Content Marketing Strategist?

Someone who is great at marketing a brand may not be a good content strategist for it. Your COO may be a great content strategist, but may not be a good content writer. While one multi-tasker can fulfil all these roles, especially in smaller organisations, it would be simplistic to say that content strategy is the same as content marketing strategy

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Custom Kiosks by Influx

Nagarajan Manimaran

Cinesscape-kiosk (1).jpg

At Influx, we have been successfully custom-building kiosks for cinemas for some years now. I hope this post helps you all get a better understanding about interactive kiosks in general and how they figure in the Influx journey.

 The nuts and bolts

A kiosk is a computer terminal featuring specialised hardware and software that provides access to information and applications for communication, commerce, entertainment, or education. The first self-help kiosk was introduced by Murray Lappe — then a University of Illinois pre-med-student — in 1977. Named Pluto Hotline, it was designed to allow students find movies, maps, directories, bus-schedules, extracurricular activities and courses.

Today’s kiosk is an advanced, interactive version of the classic vending machines, with complex internals and high-tech software programs and configurations. They lend themselves to

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Influx Insider I — Want a bus ticket to success?

Harish Anand Thilakan

This is the first of Harish’s 4-part series on the dynamics that propel Influx.

If you are someone who works at Influx, you’ve probably wondered what inspired the recruiting of the person sitting next to you. If you’re an outsider following Influx associates on LinkedIn, you might be taken with the difference in the profiles of people who claim to belong at Influx. So I decided to open up about what guides me, and the decision-makers working alongside me, when it comes to on-boarding.

1. The ‘Bus Theory’

Inspired by one of the earliest lessons in Jim Collins’ book, Good to Great, I am a huge believer of the Bus Theory. The theory states that it is extremely critical for organisations to get the right people on the bus. It doesn’t matter if there’s a pre-defined role or “opening” for a particular person or position. If you encounter someone who you believe checks

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Augmented Reality: Improved Perception With Camera Lenses

Hardik Goswami

Improved preception with AR

 Augmented Reality

A technology that superimposes a computer-generated image on a user’s view of the real world, thus providing a composite view.

In layman’s term, just imagine you can also see the real world with extra sensors. Your eyes plus thermal imaging capabilities, or visualising the furniture set-up in an empty space, can be used in almost all fields where it is difficult to physically place items to check how they look. As a result, perception becomes less labourious.

 What can AR do?

It is customised for you and changes the way

  • you shop furniture
  • renovate your house
  • select paint colour and combinations for walls
  • or even see your food before it is prepared, like pizza on an empty dish

 Let’s see it in action

  • Furniture:
  • Food:


This is Apple’s latest SDK introduced a month ago; it helps the developer add

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4 Myths About Being An Employer vs. Employee

Akash Narang

pasted image 0.png

Should you start your own business? Should you find a job and work for someone else?

Well, this is a classic match - similar to Muhammad Ali vs Joe Frazier. You will never know who is better until one of them wins the title for that season. Similar is my story — still unable to decide who wins. Job? Or business? Both have their boons and banes. So I decided to pen my thoughts and share them with you.

Let’s get going by busting the myths about having your own business versus working for someone else. Which is better?

Myth #1: You have no time constraints in your own business.

Ah, false. When I started working with my dad-slash-boss, the first thing that changed in my life was my time to wake up. All excited the night before Day 1 at business with Dad, lying there on my bed, imagining being a successful businessman by 35 and retiring by 40, and letting my money work

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