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The other day, Harish and I were talking to a new associate who had joined us recently. We got around to discussing the values we see as important in an Influxian. With our strategic plans taking shape, I thought I would pen them down for the world to see!

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There are many values that we consider important at Influx and, in no specific order, I have listed the most important ones here.

Intelligence #


Understanding the needs of the clients and being creative in the digital space is what we strive for. This is the key Influx differentiator when we work with clients. There are many organisations that could build websites and apps, and do everything else we do. What makes us stand apart from these is this: we are not here to just deliver something the client wants. We are here to make a difference by devising solutions to problems. And that, my friends, requires intelligence.

Responsiveness #


We do say, ours is a 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. job, a 5-day work-week, etc., but let’s be open about this. This is a guideline. If our clients need us, we will ALWAYS be there for them. No questions, no doubts. We are partners with our clients, not just a vendor to them. Their pain is our pain and, therefore, no matter what the time is, we will make ourselves available to help them in need. Remember that.

Eagerness #


We are eager to help. We are eager to find solutions and solve problems. We are eager and earnest in our commitment to get the job done and more eager to build on the relationship we have with our clients. Always.

Structure and Detail #


Our plans, our thoughts, our delivery are always structured. Keeping the key to success as the resolution of the client’s problems, these prerogatives will help you structure and detail work in a way that ultimately achieves the purpose. This structure is in everything we do — right from our proposals to clients, to delivering a quality product and maintaining it for them.

Remember that quote — the devil is in the detail? This is so true it has always been one of our major tenets. No detail is too small. The more detailed we are, the better the opportunity to excel in our delivery.

Sense of humour #


What is life without a bit of humour thrown in? Whilst there are no obvious ways to be humorous, we believe that laughter never hurt anyone. In any situation there is always bound to be an occasion to laugh. Have that in mind; laughter is, indeed, the best medicine. It brings out the human in us. And, at Influx, we are not bots; we are the humans that design the bots.

Honesty and Integrity #


Standard terms, no doubt. But have you ever wondered why they are standard? Because, without these, no organisation can succeed. At Influx, we firmly and robustly live these values every day. Yes, honesty is difficult at times but always is the best policy.

Empathy #


Our relationships with our colleagues, our clients and all our partners are useless if there is no empathy involved. We don’t value our clients if we don’t feel their pain, if we don’t rejoice in their successes, and if we don’t understand the emotional needs that brought them to us. And our empathetic response to them in understanding their issues will make the relationship so much stronger.

So, there you go — the values we live by. If you like what you have read, tell us what you think on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. And, if you want to come work for us, mail us your CV.

L3TSBUILDGR8 together.

Daniel is our Chief Operating Officer and a true-blue biking aficionado. With a background of over sixteen years’ experience, he runs a tight ship here at Influx, ensuring that we deliver projects on time, in scope, and of exceptional quality. That’s why we have happy and satisfied clients.


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