Why JobsInCinema would’ve saved me?

My “under construction” Story! 👩🏻‍🔧 - By Carrie Dietrich


Once upon a time, a handful of years ago… I needed a job. My existing employer no longer wanted to afford my salary and residual commissions. I had been given a three month “heads up” to start job hunting without publicly announcing my being made redundant. To add insult to injury, I was housing my family at the nearby Hilton as a result of our home being flooded followed by a lengthy repair 🧰 🛠 . It was intended to be a three week repair, but I felt like Shelly Long’s unwilling understudy when it turned into a “money pit situation”, abatement process, asbestos from 1976, you don’t want to know the rest! Being the main breadwinner for the family, this was a real low point.

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Other than job hunting 🔍 and unemployment filing, I had nothing to do. No house to clean, no cooking, no work travel, all of our flooded belongings were packed up in a pod, and I spent my days HBO/Netflix binging. On the bright side, I racked up enough Diamond member points for a nice family vacation. 🛫 I finally was able to watch all 8 seasons of Game of Thrones - twice!

I’m the main breadwinner for the family and this was a low point, I was jobless and homeless, (we spent over 4 ½ months living in that hotel).

Those months were filled with not only unreliable contractors, but anxiety, a little depression, a lot of alcohol 🍸 (free happy hour in the lobby!), navigating temporary insurance and a limited budget. And if you think having a couple of teenagers under your roof is a challenge, imagine sharing a hotel suite with them and your pets for 18 weeks! I wasn’t able to enjoy the time “off” due to the uneasiness caused by unemployment. 😖

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Many people were eager to help me, much as I have helped many others over the years to get back into a new position when needed, it’s another reason why I ❤️ cinema people! Having this experience, I’m passionate about helping others in any way I can. Networking, job, hunting, providing referrals, etc.. Even with the use of a headhunter, it’s difficult to be placed properly because what we do is a niche fit.

I tried multiple job posting sites, and none suited my needs.

Industry connections and Networking are what gets the job done! 🤝 That’s why, I had my choice of new positions within a few months and was able to slide into another cinema related company that was a good fit for me.

Now, I can not imagine dealing with that situation during a pandemic where jobs are far more scarce, times are more uncertain, and the cinema industry seems to be getting kicked in the teeth repeatedly.

JobsInCinema is a fantastic industry tool I could have used while “under construction” professionally and personally! So, please help spread the word about #jobsincinema 🙏

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Why JobsInCinema.com

Since websites are at the core of what we do at Influx, we’ve put our heads together to give back to the cinema industry, providing an industry-specific tool to connect those who have lost their jobs recently with new employers.

The tool

We’ve created JobsInCinema.com, a platform that will empower exhibitors and workforce in cinemas alike in recruiting and finding jobs! Now it’s your turn to help!

Join the Force!

If you are in exhibition, please pass this information to your HR lead and post any positions that may become available in the near future. Please feel free to email me so I can offer a media kit with graphics and links to be shared online or in newsletters/ email blasts.


If you are from the cinema industry and need a job, post your resume on JobsInCinema.com


If you are in the cinema industry and want to help, please share this with people who are open to work and have industry experience.

Keep in mind, this website is industry specific.

Ours is a small industry, filled with amazing people. Let’s network to help each other, please support www.JobsInCinema.com by participating or by spreading the word to others about this free service!


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