Dear Ladies @ Influx

| Daniel Anandaraj Garnipudi | - @dodosamuel


Wondering why Influx did not do a social media post this year on 08 March? Here’s why… #

Per Influx tradition, the ladies took themselves off for a company-sponsored lunch on Women’s Day. While we were out, our CEO decided to pen us a letter. Having stuffed ourselves silly, we returned to office to this treat:

Dear Ladies @ Influx, #

I hope you all had a lovely lunch without us noisy boys around. :)

The world decided that on 08 March, we will celebrate International Women’s Day to express our gratitude to the women of the world. And so, today, we celebrate you—celebrating the social, economic, cultural, political and, of course, personal achievements of women.

You know how they always say—there are angels around us protecting us from harm every single day. I look around at my life and background and all I can say is that’s what in many ways you all do. Be it in the role of a mother, sister, aunt, wife, girlfriend or daughter—you always look out for someone in your lives and for that I thank you.

I urge you to remember and believe in yourselves to know that you are all capable of so much more. As educated women, you all have the power to be what you want to be. Don’t let the world hold you back.

The role of a woman in corporate life is changing day by day and I want to take this opportunity to challenge you. Challenge yourself to be better than the best, challenge yourself to grab opportunity, challenge yourself to go against the norm. There are no limits to your capabilities—we all know that.

The voice of the woman is no longer a single solitary voice. It is the collective voice of change, of challenging the status quo and a harbinger of times to come.

Be Bold—both in the corporate setting and in your personal lives.

I would like to wish you well for today and every day and leave you with a quote that provokes thought for sure.

There are two ways of spreading light …To be the candle, or the mirror that reflects it. ~ Edith Wharton #

You decide what and who you want to be!

Happy Women’s Day to all of you.

Best regards,

Dodo #

Daniel Garnipudi is our Chief Operating Officer and a true-blue biking aficionado. With a background of over eighteen years’ experience, he runs a tight ship here at Influx, ensuring that we deliver projects on time, in scope, and of exceptional quality. That’s why we have happy and satisfied clients.


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