Android Things — the new swiss-knife to build hardware

| Hardik Goswami | - @geniushkg


Yes, you got that; it’s correct.

A hardware product is hard to build for various factors involved with it. And even harder for a startup to build one when resources are scarce and success purely depends on time-to-market with the product that people will want.

Obstacles :

The Solution - Google’s Android Things

Google has promoted Android Things on the Android developers web page as Bringing Device Production for Everyone.

Android Things helps you make mass-market products on a reputed platform, without any prerequisite like prior experience of working with embedded systems.

The Benefits

In conclusion

Certification itself can cost thousands of bucks and a lot more effort to build the hardware prototype. Android Things comes in with pre-certified SOM (System on module) boards. It also has certified turnkey solutions and with prefered partner’s solutions to mitigate logistic delays. These allow timely and well-controlled delivery.

Brownie points

It works out of a box with raspberry pie which you can just power up, load Android Things and start building.

Hardik Goswami leads the Android Team at Influx. He has a graduate degree in computer science engineering and has contributed to VLC mediaplayer. A keen student of the Hatha Yoga philosophy, Hardik is mad about aircraft and confesses to an “uncontrollable desire for superpowers”.


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