Towards a Digital Experience

Daniel Anandaraj Garnipudi


Today, the buzzwords for most organisations revolves around the “Digital Experience”. These words, along with terms like Digital Transformation, Strategy, Media, SEO, SEM, etc., are all commonplace in small and large companies alike.

Every organisation needs a digital presence for sure, but you have to bear in mind that it is not a one-off spend or one-off exercise. It is a culture. What it takes is a cultural change, a dimensional shift in the way that we think, plan, act, and do.

I recently joined Influx Worldwide—an organisation always in flux - literally! Why? Because we change, we adapt, and we keep ourselves abreast of the latest technologies, so we can ensure that our clients, and their clients, get the best experience (digital and beyond) that we can offer. Nothing stagnates here.

However, I digress. #

I mentioned a few sentences earlier about change, right? Think about how change occurs. Change happens from within. As Mahatma Gandhi famously said, “Be the change you want to be.” We have to change ourselves to be able to change others.

My take on the digital space #

My professional background has been in a large corporate where we had a number of tools and products and processes that sometimes took a little longer than expected to change. In my current role here at Influx, I see myself changing every day to just keep up with my associates.

Everything is Mobile; everything is Agile. My tasks and to-do lists are all on [Asana]( My spreadsheets, slides, and documents are in the cloud with Google now. Hell, I have even moved from Windows to Mac. Not without a struggle, mind you, but move I did.

Internally, yielding to the change has eased the mechanics of doing business. A definite paradigm shift for me and I embrace it. I embrace the change I need to be so that I can excel (no pun here) in what this company does. One will only be left out of the digital race if one does not adapt to it. I, therefore, ask you to evaluate whatever you are doing and see if there is a smarter (digital?) way for you to surpass your limitations.

Your limitations are what hold you back #

The first step is to baseline yourself in terms of where you stand. How can you do this? Begin by taking a look at the apps that you have on your phone, see how many of them are actually productivity-oriented. The not-so-humble smartphone of nowadays is way more than a music-storing, photo-taking, game-playing device. It is an instrument of change.

Go out and research; see what apps and utilities are there to help you in your day-to-day activities. An easy way to do this is to list what you use in a regular day at work and then see what there is out there to help you do that better.

The foremost hurdle in doing this is your acceptance of change. #

If you can find a way to overcome this, then—by virtue of necessity—you help in not only defining yourselves in this new age but also in defining what your organisation does. Thereby opening the path to reinventing yourselves in the current digital era.

Daniel is our Chief Operating Officer. He’s caught up very fast with the digital way of doing business. He runs a tight ship here, ensuring that we deliver projects on time, in scope, and of exceptional quality. That’s why we have happy and satisfied clients


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