Who moved our cheese - Google or Apple?

Vaidehi Mehta
Burger 1 Cover (2).jpg
A hamburger has stirred the Twitter nest. And how!

Thank you, Thomas Baekdal, for keeping Tweeple agog and engaged through the weekend. Baekdal, a media analyst, pointed out the difference, but how come no one else realised this cheesy fact till then?

Since his tweet on the night of October 28th 2017, there has been a staggering amount of engagement.
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Oh, burger…

Everyone and his cousin had an opinion. The cheese goes on top. No it should be at the bottom.

“Google is right. Apple is wrong.”

“Apple is right, Google is wrong.”

“OMG… Microsoft got it right. But Samsung puts the cheese on top of lettuce???”

“I think Whatsapp got it right….”

“Cheese between lettuce and tomato? No, no, no…”

“They’re both wrong. Google’s cheese is wrong. Apple’s lettuce is wrong…”

One thing led to another…

And, somehow, the discussion meandered away from cheese to lettuce and tomato.

One person said: “Obviously, cheese must be on top of meat. But lettuce must be insulated by the tomato - so both are in the wrong.”

And another held: “That’s an unrealistic standard imposed by media. All burgers are beautiful.”

As folks tweeted back and forth across the globe, a voice was heard from a rather unexpected source. Google’s CEO, Sundar Pichai’s tweet said:

The conversation wound its way to beer as well.

Last night, Baekdal, the guy that did it all, called it a day after the frenetic weekend activity, and decided to go back to media analysis.
While we here in India are up and about and more than halfway through the workday, let’s wait for the US to awaken to a new morn so we can have the final verdict.

Until then, please free to tell us what you think the ‘burger emoji’ should look like. Graphics are welcome.

Here’s an update on the #BurgerEmoji as on 3 November 2017

McDonalds and KFC went at it, each trying to outdo the other. KFC started with the All-Burger-No-Bun tweet.

To which McD had a quick come-back. Soon they were tweeting back and forth with much play on words of the cheesy and bun-pun variety.

Burger King flung in its bit of wit and skillfully closed the debate.

Not to be outdone, Pepsi came up with its own two cans of swag!

Looks like it’s quiet now. Everyone has burgered off?


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