Influx at Big Cine Expo

Dinesh A.C.

Anyone working in the world of cinema knows Big Cine Expo is one of the industry’s most important events in India. For Influx, being a preferred digital partner for more than 18+ cinema chains, this was also a chance to catch up with old friends we had worked with.

The cinema industry is in a constant state of flux with new trends in design and creativity. The technology used to provide entertainment is forever evolving, whether that be projection, sound, or customer experience. However, the way exhibitors use this innovative technology can, at times, be behind the pace. On a global scale, cinemas are competing for the same outcome – selling more tickets and increasing the level of occupancy in their theatres. Retaining and attracting regular customers and appealing to an increasingly diverse audience are ever-present challenges that rank at the top of exhibitors’ wish lists.

There is no doubt that technology will play an important role in the future of cinema. Unsurprisingly, this conversation echoed throughout almost every discussion during the Expo.

The Sofa Trap #

Another industry challenge that was discussed is the leaning towards the home cinema experience. One of the key phrases on people’s tongues during the event was ‘sofa trap’ - a brilliant term that refers to losing a potential customer who get seated on his sofa at home to watch movies. The rise of the ‘sofa trap’, thanks to the explosion of services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime and Swiggy, creates an environment where getting people out of their sofas once they’re at home is very nearly impossible.

What’s the solution? #

People would watch movies of great scale, like Bahubali and Dunkirk, in a cinema. It is therefore entirely up to the cinema to provide an experience that should begin even before customers enter a theatre, engaging with them from the lobby onwards until the moment they leave (and beyond) – definitely something the cinema of the future should be implementing.

Catch up time with our cinema clients.

Influx and Inox #

L to R - Influx’s Head of Sales, Krish Kidao, with Nayana Borthakur - AVP, Inox Leisure and Nagarajan M., Head of Technology at Influx

The Influx team and Jazz Cinemas #


Influx and Gopalan Cinemas #

L to R - Perumal, Senior Manager of Gopalan Cinemas, Nagarajan M., Head of Technology at Influx, Promod, MD, and Subbarao, GM of Gopalan Cinemas

Influx and Mukta Cinemas #

L to R - Influx’s Head of Sales, Krish Kidao, and Head of Technology, Nagarajan M., with Mukta Cinemas’ COO, Satwik, and Sachidanand Shetty, VP - Operations and Support

Influx and Saroj Cinemas #

L to R - Influx’s Head of Technology, Nagarajan M., with Akshaye Rathi - Director, Saroj Screens, and Krish Kidao, Head of Sales at Influx

At Influx, we are proud of our reputation as a major player in digital marketing for cinema. The Big Cine Expo experience was indeed educational and we are now ready to further expand our horizons in this space.

Dinesh A.C. is Digital Solutions Strategist at Influx. An ex-entrepreneur, now an intraprenuer, he has a strong background in UX, tech, and business. His experience includes designing the UI/UX and running CanCan, handling Business Development for Cognizant, and being Product Manager for a Polaris Internet Banking product.


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