FSF: Stay Happy, No matter what

I must admit, I wasn’t surprised when most people let out disapproving sighs of agony when we announced the topic for the second Frankly Speakin’ Fridays event for July 18. As our speaker would later go on to substantiate, no one, NO ONE in this world likes to be told that he/she should be happy. But I had faith in the speaker and her knowledge in the subject - “Stay Happy, No Matter What”.

Charged with putting together this FSF was our own Namrata, who did so with aplomb. And frankly said, she was dealing with a darling speaker - one of Influx’s favourite clients and well-wishers, Mrs. Jeyasree Ravi. Mrs. Jeyasree, founder of Palam Silks is a life-skills trainer and having benefitted from sitting in on a few of her sessions and reading through her material, I wanted everyone at Influx to benefit.

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Personally guilty of missing half the session due to a client meeting that ran late, I was glad to walk into the session, everyone listening in rapt attention as Mrs. Jeyasree explained certain concepts on happiness that most found hard to fathom.
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“How can it be true that there’s no middle ground or middle path? "How can she say that nothing can be right for me but wrong for you - it can only be right or wrong??” argued a perplexed Namrata at the end of the event.

“I walk in home after a hard day’s work and my mother says something to tick me off - how am I supposed to stay happy?” asked Ritika.

“I go back home to a room mate who’s only intention in life seems to be to irritate me - TV at full volume, clothes strewn around, doesn’t help with chores - how can I not want to run away from that situation?” contested a frustrated Rama Karthison.

The above were a few of the questions which were voiced at the event. I am not sure how many got the full answers to their questions but I am 100% sure that not everyone asked or said everything that was on their minds.

Of particular interest to me was her notion that everyone should have 2 income streams. Alongside one’s job, one should leverage their free time to try and make money to fund the irregular expenses or comforts of life - like a vacation.

Mrs. Jeyasree graciously threw open an invite for anyone from the group to join her private, year-long course to help discover more secrets to staying happy in life.

If you are reading this and still have unanswered questions or want to engage with Mrs. Jeyasree, please feel free to write in to her at jeyasree.silkworm at gee male dot com (you know the right version!)


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